About Us

Lepper Grandfather Clocks stands for tradition, creativity, exclusivity and high quality

When you hear the brand name “Lepper”, think about fine solid wood, high-quality workmanship, best quality overall, and experienced employees who know their stuff. As a customer, you have every right to be happy. Starting back in 1925, a professional carpenter and carver named Friedrich Lepper founded the company in Ladbergen, which is located between Munster and Osnabruck.

Since the beginning, the company manufactured grandfather clocks made with high-quality solid wood and crafted stylish pieces of furniture. It was until 1978 where Friedrich Lepper Jr., Friedrichs son, took over the management and extended the company even further. The generation went on with Qualified Engineer Manuel Lepper; Friedrichs jun. son took control of the family-business. This generation kept going onward and the Lepper brand remained relevant and known.

One of the best German Grandfather Clock makers in Germany

We do not mass produce German Grandfather Clocks! The company has a commanding philosophy that says: “We do not mass produce”. If taken literally, this slogan still stands even today. Lepper takes a different approach to this by focusing on producing the best grandfather clocks and furniture made of the highest standard materials and craftsmanship. Some of the high standard materials chosen by Lepper include quality woods such as oak, cherry, walnut, maple, beech, mahogany, or wenge (a tropical timber). Each clock itself is a unique piece of art that meets the highest standards, which make them true masterpieces. The clocks are not just made from precious materials, but also with creativity, passion, craftsmanship, and skill. These superior features can easily be noticed by these radiant clocks.

Of course, customers are always taken into consideration when it comes to the planning and construction. The clocks never fail to impress in both style and elegance. Whether they are recognized by their modern carvings or with marguetry, the “made by Lepper” seal truly defines the top of the line brand that produces excellent valued clocks. These ticking masterpieces are powered by precision clocks from the Black Forest, made by Kieninger, which are installed at Lepper. Once again, only the best is good enough. Next to their high standard productions and artisanal skills, the employees at Lepper are idealistic and have a great passion for their work. Next to that indispensable manual work, the carpentry Lepper uses modern technology in manufacturing. This is the only way the high standards can be met, which is a huge demand by the company. Training the young apprentices will always be supported by the companys management. Friedrich Lepper alone has trained more than 30 apprentices. The company also sells its clocks worldwide via the Internet. The fact is that Germany isnt the only country where customers use Lepper furniture and clocks for home decorating. In fact, the only places to buy these products are directly through Lepper or on the internet. This is advantageous as products bought directly from the manufacturer are more affordable than buying them at a retail store. Lepper stands for tradition, creativity, exclusivity, and high quality.